The House of Clownz NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique Clownz released on the Ethereum blockchain. Each attribute has a unique role in the story of the Clownz. Holding a Clownz NFT gives you access to the main attractions in Clown Town.

Clown Town is a community-driven metaverse that is forever growing. Currently, Clown Town is made up of the “Big Top Tent”, “Haunted Mansion”, and the “Three Rings” Music festival area. The entire world features dynamic audio allowing for spatial audio as well as controls to enhance the music and performance experience for users.

Big Top Tent

“Big Top Tent”- is an exclusive metaverse clubhouse. Inside will feature a Music stage, poker tables, slot machines, and much more. This club is exclusive to clown holders only.

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Haunted Mansion

“Haunted Mansion”- is made up of 1000 private suites. The private suites allow for owners to have a personal intimate experience with up to 50 users.

The Story of Buddy Marbles And Fomo Bozo

It was a cold night and Buddy Marbles was leaving the Big Top tent when he saw a very very large, hairy, and scruffy-looking human dive into the dumpster. As Buddy approached the Dumpster the smell of urine and vodka was so strong a single lonely clown tear ran down his face. “Hey, Bozo! Get the hell out of my trash can”, Buddy yelled. And, at that time the lid of the trash can flung open, and out jumped a giant standing over Buddy Marbles. Their eyes met and it was history from that moment.

Buddy took the man in, cleaned him up, and gave him a choice. “Fomo Bozo” Buddy said proudly. “Do you choose to put on this face paint and join the Order of the Clownz?” Buddy reaches out his hands to Fomo Bozo. He is holding an old sponge in his right and an even older rusty metal can of “Forever Clownz” face paint in his left. Buddy looks up to Fomo Bozo, “Fomo Bozo, we have an opportunity to change the world. Together we can unite web3. But Fomo, Once you put it on, you can never take it off.” Fomo looked down at Buddy, and took the paint from Buddy’s hands.

Three Rings Concert

“Three Rings”- is a music festival area that is token gated to allow for free access to the festival grounds for clown holders. The “Three Rings” festival grounds will be used to hold music festivals, movie festivals, private screenings, streaming for our twitch/YouTube partners, and much more. Non-Clown holders can access the music festival grounds but will be required to pay admission.

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Three Rings Circus

1st Ring Q3

Complete – 100% Stealth degen mint of 10,000 House of Clownz.
Complete – The Story of Buddy Marbles and Fomo Bozo Twitter Dinner Theater Show
Complete – Big Top Tent Revealed

  • Haunted Suites Mint: 1000 private suites minting on the Ethereum BlockChain
  • House of Clownz Exclusive Merchandise

– Clownz Token Presale
– Circus Monkeys (Don’t Eat the Popcorn)

2nd Ring Q4

  • Irl Event
  • Big Top Tent Open
  • Concert Series
  • Haunted Suites Open
  • Staking

3rd Ring Q1

  • Mutants ?????
  • Mutant Island ?????


Token Symbol: HOC

Token Name: House Of Clownz

Contract Address: 0x8e7798697F46c234D341ECFd65DEA8EBff4197a1


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